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Lindmel Designs - Jewellery Accessories
Lindmel Designs - Jewellery Accessories
Bracelets and Cuffs
Brooches and Pins
Music Boxes
Necklaces and Pendants
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bracelets-cuffs/ 7 pages
Blue Topaz Beaded Cuff
May Emerald Beaded Cuff
June Beaded Cuff with Pearls
July Ruby Beaded Cuff
August Peridot Beaded Cuff
Sapphire Beaded Cuff
Opal Beaded Cuff
brooches/ 1 pages
Sapphire Beaded Butterfly Brooch
earrings/ 2 pages
Moon Fairy Earrings
Neon Pink Earrings
hair-barettes/ 1 pages
Black and White Hair Barrette
music-boxes/ 2 pages
Kaleidoscope Music Box
Steampunk Lily Pond Music Box
necklaces-pendants/ 1 pages
Chocolate & Cherry Necklace Pendant